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Lions and Tigers Can Mate

Why are lions and tigers seen as separate species given that they have the ability of mating with each other and producing healthy offspring? Because they will only mate in a zoo, not in nature. The scientific explanation for this is referred to as ecological and behavioral reproductive isolation.*

Sketch notes on Accelerating Innovation

Patricia Kambitsch's amazing notetaking at a recent workshop on Accelerating Innovation at the Centre for Social Innovation.

What kind of contractor do You need?

I always struggled with explaining what social innovation is all about...until I discovered how much I respect and admire contractors!

We have these amazing contractors renovating our kitchen. They are smart, honest, they listen to great music while they work, and they are super committed to doing a good job (contact nickbirtig[at] if you need a contractor in the Toronto area).

I truly admire what they do and how they do it.....not only that, but I've discovered that we are pretty much in the same business:

Holistic Innovation

The word innovation has become quite a buzz word, but what does it really mean?

I see innovation as what results from creativity. It might be in the form of a new invention, a new approach to a problem or a need, a new program or service that is useful and original.

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