Creativity equals power

Feeling mad about how undervalued creativity is, so here’s an attempt to explain its immense power in less than 230 words:

Take a trip into your unconscious mind

I have planned a very unusual workshop that will take place at the Centre for Social Innovation on May 29.

Is Swimming with Sharks a Good Idea?

About six months ago I attended a presentation where we were asked to introduce ourselves. I was pleasantly surprised when the person next to me stood up and immediately showcased his great sense of humour while announcing that he is a public speaking coach who has had a near death experience while swimming with sharks. I have since gotten to know him quite a bit and admire his holistic, playful and spiritual approach to public speaking.

We recently decided to collaborate by offering this exciting workshop:

For the love of change

Change can be intimidating and stressful (to say the least). But I believe that people can handle their own paint brush, envision a better future (for themselves, their organization or their community) and be creative and playful in order to enjoy the process and overcome challenges.

"Change is disturbing when it is done to us, exhilarating when it is done by us" (Kanter, 1983)

Another one of my favourite sayings was attributed to Emma Goldman: If I can't dance it ain't my revolution! Thanks to Paul D. for this fantastic re-interpretation:

Mars vs. Venus

They say that men are from Mars and Women are from Venus, but what if you are a planet hopper, or you started off in Venus and you are now a Martian? Resisting Simplicity is a courageous act and an opportunity to seek new perspectives by breaking old habits and nurturing your creative thinking skills.

Why do we reject the creative ideas we need the most?

A lot of times when people claim they’re not creative, what they’re really suggesting is that they lack an innate ability to generate creative ideas. While it is true that this skill can be taught, a new study (PDF) from Cornell University suggests that coming up with ideas may not be where we actually face the most barriers.

Get Unstuck

17 Ways to Bring More Creativity into Your Daily Life and Work

A Simple Unconventional Thinking Act

By Jeffrey Baumgartner

You are probably familiar with the classic creative thinking exercises of listing as many uses as you possibly can of a brick, a box or a similar commonplace object. It is good for practicing creative thinking and is often used in tests to measure creativity, with quantity and diversity of uses indicating the level of creativity. This exercise, of course, is modeled on brainstorming: having a problem and trying to devise as many solutions as you possibly can.

The Anticonventional Exercise

Creativity and Change

We have all had the experience of adapting to one change after another, sometimes willingly and other times against our wishes. But what if we all had the ability to deliberately bring about the change we wished for?

Creativity is just that…the ability to see possibilities and bring about change.

Why Does Creativity Matter?

Downey, author of Effective Coaching: Lessons from the coach’s coach says it quite clearly in just one sentence: Creativity is what “allows the player to break out of a difficult situation, invent a new future or possibility, and make a step-change in their productivity or quality of life”


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