Public Speaking and Keynote Presentations

Ginny Speaking at the Centre for Social Innovation“When I was just forteen I asked my dad for a gift, but not just any gift. I had heard about a book by some guy called Dale Carnegie on public speaking. I knew nothing about the guy and very little about what my future looked like. What I did know was that I wanted to learn a powerful skill, the kind of skill that seemed to be reserved for men. So I asked my dad to get me a copy of Public Speaking and Influencing Men in Business. I read it from cover to cover, practiced all the exercises again and again and declared myself a public speaking expert. I have since had over 20 years to test my expertise, sometimes embarrass myself, and to learn from my mistakes. One of my key learnings has been to only ever speak on topics that I am truly passionate about.

Public speaking, to me, is just like play. It has all three of my favorite elements in a fun and engaging game: the right amount of challenge, responsibility towards my teammates (my audience), and the opportunity to laugh, scream, cry and laugh again, in good company.” Ginny.

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Sample Topics:

  • Creative Thinking and Action: A mix of storytelling, data and insights into how creative thinking can change our lives and the world we live in. A good and empowering fit for audiences that are engaged in transformation whether it is personal, organizational or systemic.
  • Creative Problem Solving: A detailed and visually rich dive into the process of finding creative solutions to complex challenges. Ideal for audiences that crave knowledge and practical tools that they can apply at a professional and personal level.
  • What if Play and Work were synonymous? An envigorating exploration of how various forms of play can lead to transformation and increase our ability to problem-solve and innovate. A practical and inspiring option for individuals and organizations that are ready to take innovation to the next level.
  • Emotional Intelligence: An overview of the role our emotions play in creating reality. A chance to reflect and learn about how we can sabotage or motivate ourselves and our teams to move forward and overcome roadblocks. A must for all types of leaders and change catalysts.