The next Innovative Thinking Experience

The Next Innovative Thinking Experiences are coming up:

  • Toronto April 4-5, 2014
  • Calgary April 25-26, 2014


What to Expect:

The basic science of creative thinking

•    Recognize the value of creative thinking in leadership roles.
•    Develop awareness of your thinking habits.

Play-based facilitation and whole-body learning

•    Unique and physical play-based facilitation with Ping-Pong and juggling.
•    Understand the real value of play in work and life.
•    Identify strengths and improve focus and time management.

Increase your Creative Problem Solving abilities

•    Learn to leverage your strengths when working independently and as part of a team.
•    Recognize the gap between your vision and current reality and learn how to use creative problem solving to overcome the gap.
•    Practice a variety of brainstorming techniques while increasing your cognitive flexibility.
•    Practice using a technique for encouraging insights and tapping into the awareness of your unconscious mind. This practice is also known to increase your IQ while creating new neural pathways.

Do you have any questions? Would you like to know more? We would be happy to speak with you,

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