Creativity equals power

Feeling mad about how undervalued creativity is, so here’s an attempt to explain its immense power in less than 230 words:

We know there are systems in place that are designed to give power to only a few (organizational hierarchies, electoral democracy, the courts, traditional education, etc). These systems are designed to limit people’s ability to create change. The effect, in the long run is that we are made to believe that we are not knowledgeable enough, not intelligent, not creative and that dreaming is a waste of time. This destroys our motivation and hope. It breeds apathy, disempowerment and maintains systems of oppression. This is why we need to remind ourselves of how capable we actually are. We need to re-learn how to dream and use our creativity to drive change rather than submitting ourselves to being passengers in a world led by others.

For inspiring examples of communities that have gotten creative in finding solutions as opposed to waiting for those in power to impose solutions that are unlikely to work anyways, read Walk Out Walk On by Margaret Wheatley and Devorah Frieze. You can also come to the workshop that Ian Rosenfeldt and I will be giving tomorrow at Studio Y:
emPOWERment: Introducing Ideas into Hostile Environments: