Take a trip into your unconscious mind

I have planned a very unusual workshop that will take place at the Centre for Social Innovation on May 29.

This highly experiential workshop will show you how to access the wisdom of your unconscious mind and how to benefit from that experience. Based on the proven methodology of Dr. Win Wenger, you will learn and practice the Image Streaming process, and learn methods for interpreting the language of the unconscious mind.

This fascinating methodology has helped people become more intuitive, answer profound questions and even improve their IQ.

Join us to be stimulated in a new and exciting way. You will take away insights, resources and a tool that will expand your horizons. Next time you are looking for an answer to a question, start by asking your unconscious mind. Image Streaming is a skill and a practice that can be used on its own or in combination with cognitive tools for Creative Problem Solving (CPS), dream interpretation, and for increasing your neuro-connections.

Eventbrite - Explore Your Unconscious Mind